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Il Cocciopesto

Pre-packaged plaster in powder, mineral, transpiring, Eco-sustainable and Bio-compatible, composed of aerial lime, micronized natural pozzolans, cocciopesto and calcareous-siliceous aggregates selected in a continuous granulometric curve. Absolutely free of salts and any form of clinker.

The binder contained in this mortar is hydraulic lime obtained from the cold mixing of top quality slaked lime, obtained from low temperature (about 850-900°C) calcination of pure limestones and micronized natural pozzolans of different specific surface area and energy. The particular binder, called Calce Pozzolanica Pantheon – Calchèra San Giorgio, gives the mixture excellent adhesion to the support, remarkable elasticity (low elastic modulus), very high breathability, high resistance to alkaline attacks and the formation of molds and bacteria. Free from substances harmful to health and the environment. Recyclable as an inert material at the end of its life.


Suitable for making internal and external plasters by manual application on old and new stone, brick, brick, tuff or mixed masonry, where the use of a highly breathable natural plaster is required. Specific for recovery interventions, conservative and monumental restoration, in total compatibility with the original materials used in the past. Particularly suitable in green building to guarantee hygroscopicity and healthiness to the environments. Compatible with lime-hemp, straw and bamboo substrates.